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To see all of Shihan Norm Rivards previous KNOCKDOWN videos check out our Youtube channel ....KIHON FC

Shihan Norm Rivard's                   "Helpful Hints"            for KNOCKDOWN Fighters!!

Front Kick Fake options      Feb/17
Foot Jab   Jan/17
Shin-Block (Sune-Uke) Series           Dec/16    
Tail Whip Setups     Nov/16
Tail Whip      Oct/16
Multiple Body Kicks        July/16
Empi Up, Empi Down       May/16
Leg Fake to Mae Geri         May/16
Leg  "Feint"                 Apr/16
Spinning Hammer            Mar/16 
Left Leg Body Kick              Feb/16       
Leg Kick  "Fake"              Jan/16  
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