One Sure Way...To Goof Up

You've finally decided to begin that exercise program. Your first scheduled workout is tonight at 6:30pm.

You finish work, take care of some stuff at home, and start to get ready to go to the Gym.

And guess what??

In spite of all your plans, YOU DONT GO. Why??

Because when it came time to go you didnt, "FEEL" like it.

Our feelings when not properly managed, can be one of our worst enemies. Our feelings seldom, FEEL like doing whats best for us.

Instead they usually try to do whats "EASIEST" for us.

Feelings have their place...and we should be sensitive to them.

However, to succeed we must realize they OFTEN point us in the wrong direction.

You have a built in, DECIDER. Thats why you committed to exercising in the first place.

Make sure your "Feelings" never dominate your "Decider."


Jus Say'n

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