One Source of Stress

One source of stress that many people expierence is the stress that is caused by being late. I dont mean the once-in-a-blue-moon time when a true emergency comes up that causes you to be late.

I'm referring to the chronic lateness that many people have come to accept as normal.

A person oversleeps by a lil bit. They are now running behind as they leave for work....and have to stop and remember where the car keys are.

They arrive at work late...and their stress level is high....and they havent really even begun their day!! The work they sit down to do causes stress, too...because its already overdue, past its deadline.

So now you leave work late because it had to be done. Dinner is latebecause you left work late. And, you still have to run an errandtonight that you could have done at your leisurelast you get to bed late..

And tomorrow, it starts all over again.

Heres a secret. It doesn't take any more time to be early than it does to be late. In fact, it takes LESS time. You move at a leisurely of a stupid, easily removed form of stress.

When I was a younger man my mentor, Dan Charlebois, told me, "Norm, being on time means being fifteen minutes early."

Start earlier. Plan ahead. Give yourself extra timeto get to places.

Resolve to NEVER be late...

Jus Sayn.

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