Challenges and Skills

You are about to undertake a BIG challenge!!

Going back to school to get your degree.

Committing to earning your BlackBelt.

Starting a new business or a new job.

You will realize, quickly, that if you are to be successful you will need to increase your skill set.

You will need MORE CONFIDENCE.



And its TRUE!! You will need those qualities!

But heres a different way of looking at these things. And, if you can understand this lesson you will be equiping yourself for success in a different way. In a way youve not thought of.

You dont need these skills so you can handle THIS situation (or challenge)

You need this challenge so you can DEVELOP THESE SKILLS!!

Challenges, Situations and problems come and go.

However the skills you develop along the way are like equity, and in the bank to be drawn upon when needed.

They stay with you and will be available whenever you need them.....

Just Sayn

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