"THE" Most Important Goal

What is "THE" Most Important Goal?

To be accomplished? Nope

Financially successful? Wrong again


Admired?? uh-uh

All good things of course, but the best thing to be is this:


And for an Induvidual like myself I have to constantly remind myself

...even train myself to be...Happy.

However, the older I get the more attention I pay to this.........

Simply to be..


Well thats nice...but easier said then done...

Much of life can be put into two categories ....hard and soft.

Hard things include your career, your finances and your education.

Soft catagories include your family relationships, relationships with friends and spiritual development.

Want to be Happy excel in the Soft stuff.

At the end of your Life these are the only things that will matter to you.

Jus Sayn...

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