How to deal with Criticism??

I think that most of you would agree that we live in a very mediocore world. Mediocore people are often threatened by those of us who decide to rise above mediocrity and succeed, and they will often criticize and discourage those who commit to big and ambitious goals.

People who have committed themselves to positive changes in their lives MUST be able to withstand criticism.

When a person decides to stick to an exercise program.....or open a new business.... or lose 20 pounds....or achieve their BlackBelt.....there will always be people there to....

a) persuade them that its not worth the effort

b) discourage them by reminding them of past failures

c) point out all the reasons why it cant be done

These critices almost always have two interesting characteristics

1. They are often close friends.

You'd think it would be your enemies that would try to keep you from your goals. and

2. They are always people who are not doing big things in their own lives!!

However...there IS A GROUP of people who will support you in achieving any goal.

This is the group of people who have ALREADY done big things!

This group is always quick to encourage, motivate and inspire!!

So...the lesson? There are two.

a) In order to succeed you must develop an immunity to criticism!!

b)Fly with the Eagles.....dont quack with the Ducks!!

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