Why People Quit

You begin a new activity. You are excited and ready to learn. You have your first training session, and you learn a ton!! You get home and you can't believe how much youve learned! You cant wait to get back to the next training session.

In the second session, you learn alot too...but not quite as much as in the first lesson. In the third lesson, the same thing happens, you learned a little less than in the second.

Thats the reality of learning. As you go DEEPER into a subject, you learn a little less each session.

And thats why people usually quit after a brief time.

They cant handle the feeling that they are learning less than in the beginning. So they quit.

People who become experts CAN handle this. They might spend weeks, months and even years mastering one tiny part of what they are studying.

Even though they are learning a little less each session, they understand they are getting the better stuff. .....the stuff that most people never get to.

If you understand this dynamic ahead of time, you will be on your way to expert status.---in whatever it is you choose to pursue.


Jus Sayn....

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